The Ideology of Gender Roles

by: Henry North, Samantha Crovatt, Caitlyn Hussey, & Brittany J. Rosario

The existing assumptions and attitudes about gender roles vary from home life to workplace and public status. It is assumed that men have more aggressive, independent, logical personalities whereas women are more submissive, dependent, and emotional. It is also assumed that in the home a man just watches sports on tv while drinking beers and takes out the trash, while a woman is the caregiver who cooks, cleans, and takes care of the children.

However, considering the progressive state of society it has been assumed that these gender roles are starting to dissolve. Women are expected to be more independent and logical while men are expected to be more emotionally sensitive. So we’re excited to see what results we get from doing a questionnaire on gender roles, if the traditional expectations are still valid or if more people are evolving into the new set of standards.

We wanted to gather and create rhetorical artifacts that identify well with the results of our surveys. So throughout this report you will find that the group is able to combine our interpretations of the questionnaire results to come up with supportive artifacts.

Here is our team presentation on gender roles.

Please find attached our final team report on gender roles.